Sunday, February 6, 2011

Giveaway for Bunny Year

my first GIVEAWAY
please join it !
(in my facebook)

so here're the 22 lovely participants:
1. Sam Tan
2. Suk Yen Sin
3. Joan Wong
4. Lulla Belle
5. Cindy Lee
6. YiThEng TeeYt
7. Ivery Kooi
8. Ginger Keong
9. Miller Eng
10. Shir Lee Woo
11. Jonathan Edwards
12. Pau Wan Sze
13. Yean Ping
14. Alice Vong Kim Hua
15. Joan Luvfeelin
16. Just Annie
17. Omo Omomo
18. Panpan LK
19. Celia Stogner
20. Denise Chan
21. Coro Toffee Agnes
22. Belle Kho

Here is the Winner:

Coro Toffee Agnes !!!

Thank you everyone who join this game...
Wishing all of you
"Happy Chap Go Mei~"

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luvfeelin 乐飞翎 said...

Dear EE, thanks for creating this giveaway! I like your doll collection especially the Boby so much ^^

No matter am I the lucky one, I still wish you all the best!^^

musaraña said...

I love this's perfect!!!
Thanks for your amazing creatures!

teddy bear princess said...

a doll with teddy bear mask in it!
:D it's so cute!
first, I really thought that he's a real teddy bear :p
super nice idea :)

visit my blog when you're not busy
teddy bear princess


teng said...

I love all your dolls :D
but Johnny's younger sister- Jenny,
this doll made the strongest impression in my mind ~ i like it most ~
awesome dolls collection~ cheers :)

manmanku said...

Awesome handmade stuffs you have here! and I love "Bunny with little froggy Wasabi", especially with this new vivid red little polka dots dress! :)

Ching 祯 said...

Thank you all of you...
i'm touched...