Monday, April 4, 2011

"The 12" in Fahrenheit 88

Hohoho...My dolls will be available at a local concept store name "The 12 " in Fahrenheit 88, G floor,KL, 
which is a project that MIFA working on, and it was a fashion designer only project but this time they also including some local independent artist such as Evangelione's Handmade,Minifanfan,Pauline Teng& me ^__^
Store will be open on 7 April and launching on 22/4 

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lovejadeice/zuat said...


Alexandrine said...

Love your dolls! *____* Soooo cute!

Lanapelana said...

Your work is awesome! Love your dolls! Super cute faces! :)

Ching 祯 said...

Thank you lovejadeice/zuat, Alexandrine & Lanapelana ^^