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路人甲和路人乙擦身而過的那刻,大可以因為一個微笑或一句粗口而展開對話,從而改變各自的生活。美國劇作家Marsha Norman筆下作品《Third and Oak: The Laundromat》中的兩位女生便因洗衣店內的一次閒聊,令心中的糾結得以釋懷。

Thursday, June 30, 2016

可愛團體 Twinkle Fingers

Who is Twinkle Fingers ?

Twinkle fingers are a group of artist friends formed by an illustrator, a painter and two doll makers. We are from different parts of Malaysia, gathered together we are looking forward to experience the arts and crafts scene from all around the world.

The illustrator Eng Gee Fan founded her label Minifanfan with the notion of making happy drawings for happy people. She has been working with some companies in the creative industry and recently launched a children picture book with a Spanish publisher.

The painter Heather chow expertise in water color painting. With a brush in her hand she can paint stories and dreams. Her label Heather Chow Studio makes prints and textile products with her paintings.

Doll maker Kho Tain Ching (the skinny one) founded her label EEching's Handmade and makes unique cloth dolls. Her dolls are known for their quirky and playful characters. She is a painter too when she is not making dolls.

The other doll maker Yeo Mei Ying (the chubby one) started her label Evangelione by making dollhouse miniature, in the recent years she is focus on the doll making and her dolls are known for their mysteric and poetic characters.

We are going to the England to anticipate the handmade fair :)

The Handmade Fair will take place at The Green of Hampton Court Palace on the 16th – 18th September 2016. This three days event is designed to get people making, shopping and learning and we work hard to create an exciting and influential line up each year.

Exclusive products will be launched at The Handmade Fair! Find us at the Shopping Village, Booth W32 - Twinkle Fingers.

大家好! Twinkle Fingers 是由我和三位朋友成立的一个小团体, 成立的主要目的是我们即将远赴英国参加当地的一个闻名的手作市集 The Handmade Fair。第一次去那麼遠的國家擺攤,實在是令人興奮,當然也有壓力和緊張,希望一切順順利利的,也希望能給來市集的人留下深刻的印象 😊

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